FUT Hair Transplant In Dadar

FUT Hair Transplant

The surgical restoration of hair performed by the technique of hair root extraction, either done by the follicular unit strip harvesting technique (FUT) or through the follicular unit extraction (FUE). The procedure chiefly followed by the transferring process in which DHT-resistant hair roots are extracted via the technique of root transfer and finally implanted into the DHT-sensitive zone where the hair loss or baldness occurs.

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What is the FUT Hair Transplant Technique?

The FUT hair transplant or the follicular unit transplant involves the strip harvesting from the back and sides of the scalp where the hair roots are destined to remain permanent in nature. Since the FUT technique is done by the strip harvesting technique involves the simple incision and suture followed by the advanced closure technique, i.e., the Trichophytic closure. The FUT technique gives the best permanent results because of the extraction of DHT-resistant hair roots.

Advantages of FUT procedure

  1. Painless technique: The FUT hair transplant surgery is a painless surgery, even having the step of strip excision from the back and sides of the scalp. The expert surgeon applies the local anaesthesia injection step in order to minimize the effect of pain up to zero levels. However, it is now not a risk to receive the strip harvesting or the FUT technique to receive the natural hair back.
  2. Scarless technique: The FUT technique is a scarless now as the modern Trichophytic closure is applied to overcome the issue of incision scar. We at Medispa centre, our Surgeon applies the trichophytic closure, and an advanced method of suture closing that gives the best scarless result, even after the strip harvesting method of the hair transplant technique. Therefore, we can say that the FUT technique is the best way to restore natural hair without having any kind of side effect or discomfort.
  3. No side effects or the maintenance required: There is no such kind of serious side effects after receiving the FUT hair transplant, except the swelling, and itching that can be easily controlled with some medications prescribed by the surgeons. However, the hair transplant procedure, especially the strip harvesting or the FUT technique is a maintenance-free and has no prospective side effects.
  4. Covers higher bald area in a single sitting: The FUT technique is the best method to cover the maximum area of baldness. The strip of the skin allows a surgeon to extract the needed number of grafts as per the required density and coverage as a number of grafts extraction gets possible via the strip harvesting and it saves the time, energy, and money of the patients. Therefore, the FUT technique is the best way to deal with the density and coverage matter associated with the hair transplant procedure.
  5. The Graft damage rate is less than 1%: Yes, the graft damage rate is very less with the FUT technique as the strip contains a number of grafts in a single session and an expert surgeon utilizes all the grafts carefully followed by the dissection process under the higher magnification of microscopes. On the other hand, FUE extraction involves the random punching processes causes unwanted graft damages during the extraction step.
  6. Gives an amazing result with a high-density hair transplant: The need for a high-density hair transplant is all easily possible to the FUT hair transplant. Since the extraction of a maximum number of grafts is possible with the FUT technique that fulfils the need for a high-density hair transplant surgery.
  7. The possibility of multiple sittings without affecting the donor density: This is the FUT technique that allows multiple sittings from the same safe donor area and one can get the best results in terms of sustainability and the strength the extracted grafts. One can go for more than two sittings if it is required in future in case of progressive hair loss with the FUT hair transplant technique.
  8. The Permanent results: The permanent result means one can get the long lasted hair follicles that remains forever on the scalp as the technique of FUT centrally focussed on the DHT-resistant hair root extraction. These DHT-resistant hair roots after the implantation process naturally adopt the normal hair characteristics and remain forever, despite being transplanted to another location on the scalp.