Hair PRP Treatment In Dadar

Hair PRP Treatment In Dadar

PRP Treatment

PRP hair treatment is an expensive procedure which requires multiple sessions in order to properly complete the procedure.

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What is the procedure of PRP hair treatment?

PRP Treatment for hair loss procedure involves

  • Blood is drawn from the vein in the patient’s arm (which is about 20 to 50ml)
  • Blood is processed through centrifuge machine and then creates the centrifuged platelets for Injection.
  • Bald area on your head or the area having thin hair will be cleaned with alcohol or iodine.
  • Gel will be used, if any ultra sounds is being used, and ultra-probe will be applied on gel covered area and live image will be projected for the doctor.
  • Doctor will injects the platelets into the bald area with injection.
Hair PRP Treatment In Dadar