Thread Lifts In Dadar

What is Face Thread Lift?

Face threads are a convenient and safe alternative to the traditional facelift surgery. Face threading is designed to be less invasive; face thread lift can reduce the sagging around the jaw line, neck and cheeks quicker and with almost zero risk, compared to the conventional approach that requires surgery. In face thread lift procedure, a special kind of face threads are used during the face thread lift to discreetly liftthe facial tissues and to reposition the skin after surgery.

Clear threads are used in a contour thread lift to minimize the traces of surgery.

In general, Face threading produces noticeable results immediately, with less inconvenience and lesser risk than any other procedures. Face thread lifts are pretty reasonable in cost too, compared to the traditional face lifting surgery approach.

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Face Thread Lift Process?

The face thread lift procedure involves the insertion of threads, made up of polypropylene, which are inserted under the skin on your face with the use of the technique called tunneling. The threads are used to elevate the facial tissues, are pulled and then the other end is anchored deeply in the tissues located above the hairline. Scar tissues form around the anchored threads, and anchor your skin & soft tissues of the face in an elevated position.

Face threading is inexpensive, safe, convenient and an effective way of treating your sagging jaws and cheeks.